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Welcome to the Tudors Tutoring group! I am obsessed with this period in history and welcome you to join the obssession! Leave posts about the show, good, bad, likes, dislikes, etc. Or that period in history. Or whatever.

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Episode 6

Posted By Mandi B. on May 14, 2007 at 10:48AM

Okay ya'll,

So I saw Episode 6 this weekend, and how great it was! This show is getting hellatiously good, and each week it manages to get better IMO. So, in this episode, there are a couple of tense scenes between the Queen and Anne Boleyn. Anne seems to be falling in tlove with the King, a whirlwind romance where she is derawn tot he power of the king, and power she could receive if she becomes Queen. I also cannot believe that she was wearing the crown when Wolsey meets her and the king to deliver news of whether or not they can have their divorce.

Also, there was some awesome symbolism in this episode, and I wonder if anyone else caught it? When Knig Henry is talking to her and the Queen enters the hall, Ann goes to dash away and the King tells her to wait; the Queen leaves in a hurry, and the King clasps anne's hands, gives her a gift (necklace) and then says to her how beautiful her neck is and how much he loves her neck....hmmmm....so much he chops it in half! wow, mky mom and i heard that and I was amazed. I thought the writers did a really good job weaving that in, and now I will be paying closer attention to it.

I also thought the scene where Wolsey is meeting withthe FRench King, and they sign for Peincess Mary's betrothal, they are basically fighting but they both keep smiling and laughing the whole time so that no one will catch on. How true and funny and it made me laugh with amazement. I also can't wait to see Episode 7. If anyone who has seen it would like to blog on it, feel free! and don't worry about spoilers, if you want to type it go ahead! Iw on't be seeing that episode for a couple of weeks.

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Episodes 4 and 5

Posted By Mandi B. on May 6, 2007 at 8:00PM

Okay, so I FINALLY got to watch episodes 4 and 5..(thank goodness my parents have DVR!!!!)

OMG. Wonderful. I love how Ann is playing Henry. I think she is falling in love with him, and can you imagine for a woman as vein as she how hard it was to send back the jewels the king sent her? Goodness. Of course, she is scheming just as any other at court, so it is to be expected. Poor Katherine though. I can't imagine living back then.

Epsiode 5 is what really sticks with me though. Ann pretending to give her 'maidenhood' only to her husband? That is laughable, but what a way to seal the deal with the king. And poor Lady Blount and little Henry Fitzroy-it's been a while since I read the Other Bolen Girl, but I remember than being in the book also. And, someone mentioned in a comment on a previous blog about how Princess Mary smothered her husband-wow. That took guts. Then marrying her love....romantic, and Henry's reaction mad me mad, but back then it was marrying for status ans position and who the head of household told you to marry...women had no say. I still can't imagine living back then. Being merely a pwn to your father/brother/unles bidding had to make a woman feel miserable, and badly about herself. I love the dresses though...even though they had to wear corsets...I still love them :-).

It's heating up that's for sure! I wonder if they will incorporate King Henry's battle wound and his then weight gain and deterioration of his looks into the show at any point? It begins to happen when he is married to Anne Boleyn, and by the time he marries Anne of Cleves, he is fat, ugly, and his leg wound (that won't heal) smells so bad the queen can't stand the smell of it. :barf:

YAY! I haven't seen episode 6 yet, so if you have feel free to leave a blog about it!

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The Tudors

Posted By starladarla on May 5, 2007 at 5:29PM

I LOVE this show. I saw the 6th episode on my On Demand. I get to see the 7th tomorrow and I can't wait! My friends and I get together and make a bunch of snacks and drink wine while we watch it.

It's like a smutty romance novel mixed with a soap opera AND it's awesome.TudorsTudors

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Tudors Episodes 3 and 4

Posted By Mandi B. on Apr 23, 2007 at 9:10AM

Okay ya'll! I finally watched episode 3 and I feel like the show is finally picking up a bit. I feel like they chose a good actress to play Ann Boleyn as when reading descriptions of the real Ann Boleyn I feel like she is acting a bit like the real one could have.

Anyway, so, I will not be watching episodes 4 and 5 until episode 6 comes on. so, would anyone like to report about 4 and 5? dont' worry about spoilers! wanna make sure we keep this group up to date :-)

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